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June 2009:
Emily Habermehl
1. Fire
2. Banners
3. My Head
4. Mexican Cemetaries
5. Toads
6. A Soldier and an Unmade Bed
7. The Cigarette girl, the Sow and the Mermaid
8. Is This Thing On?
9. Raisins and Prunes (Reduced for Quick Sale)
Emily Jean Habermehl was born in Philadelphia and has called Austin home since 2001.  She has been writing poetry since she was 12 years old and currently works as a licensed social worker for a large non-profit agency.  She received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin in 2007.  You can read more of her work at:
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emily habermehl, poet, essayist, pushcart prize, friscoshoes, brambles, austin, texas, pennsylvania,

My Head

It was at that time I took off my head…

(Dead marigold head popped grow new)

My head
Rolled down through the brown weeds
Into thicket
A bowling ball gaining momentum…

The sun was eating the sky

Dusk unfolded like worn blankets
My head
Snapped still like the cold it rested under leaves

Turning - came face to face
With small eyes, irises of ink
New mucous welling on top of the cheeks
Features formed in placenta

Losing my head and all
She couldn’t see
Where my body was…left (where? Oh dear!)

She doesn’t know about the heart ripped, seared into my left thigh

Suffering only I could own
(Conversations with him no one can hear)

At night I dream of baby squid dodging harpoons