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May 2009:
Mick Parsons Guest Editor
Matthew Zetter
1. Evening Song
2. The Box
3. Fractures
4. Instructions to a Child on a Swing
5. On Finding Maggots at the Bottom of a Trash Can

Jose Zarate
1. Excerpt from script The Smugglers
About Matthew Vetter:
Matthew Vetter is a recent graduate of Spalding University’s MFA in Writing Program. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous regional and national journals including The Louisville Review, Midwest Quarterly, and the Poetry Foundation's syndicated newspaper column, American Life in Poetry. He lives in Morehead, Kentucky with his wife and two children. You can read and see more of him at:


About Jose Zarate:
Jose Zarate graduated with a BFA in Intermedia with an emphasis on Video Production and Computer Animation.  He has worked as a Graphic Desinger, Computer Animator.  Currently he teaches at Mesa Community College as Adjunct Faculty.  His current writings focus on the Mexican American borders and its people. 
matthew vetter
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Instructions to a Child on a Swing

On your way up,
lean back and stretch

your legs up and out.
On your way back,

push your body forward
and tuck your legs in.

It is neither the lamp,
nor the mirror, this

pendulum: it swings
us all forward for

a moment, making us
believe we were meant

to be among molecules
like this: sun, bird,

cloud, the color of air.
Too soon, we are falling

again, into the heaviness
of earth and excrement,

into the bodies we neither
required or requested.