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May / June 2007
Jonathan Simmons

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feature artist jonathan simmons
jonathan simmons
For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by contrasts, the contrasts between hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil. I am constantly amazed how these contrasting elements magnify and intensify each other, each giving the other a dimension that it does not possess on its own. However I’m not only fascinated by the contrasts, but by the variations in the contrasting elements themselves, and how these variations affect the interplay between the contrasting elements.

A lot of my work is a study in contrasts, contrasting matte with gloss, dark colors and bright, organic with geometric shapes, thick, impasto paint with thin layers, transparency and opacity, large planes
of color with subtle shifts within those planes. I enjoy these contrasts. And it is the very use of these elements that unify my body of work, tying the pieces together, while at the same time contrasting them one against another. I enjoy the way that this plays upon the eye, adding a dimension beyond the bold designs and large planes of color, adding a dimension that gives my work a visual presence that is hard to deny.
Funeral Home 3
The Old Library
Behind the Funeral Home
jonathan simmons: funeral home 3
jonathan simmons: the old library
jonathan simmons: behind the funeral home
Through the Backyard 2
My Old Room
Funeral Home 4
jonathan simmons: through the backyard 2
jonathan simmons: my old room
jonathan simmons: funeral home 4
Funeral Home 5
Funeral Home 6
Through the Backyard
jonathan simmons: funeral home 5
jonathan simmons: funeral home 6
jonathan simmons: through the backyard
jonathan simmons: untitled

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