December 2004: Defining The Dialogue

      The election has passed, our coverage of which, quorum, something of an editorial, passing with it. Rumors abound, we have, as we imagine you have too - been getting bombarded with tons of smug e-mails about the end of the world. Convincing, because as the facts stand, only 22% of the electorate voted on “moral” “values”. A near perfect majority, 100 million eligible voters --- actually stuck to their guns and found other things to do rather than vote on November 2. To any who were waiting for more of the same in Quorum (though doubtful more than a handful) the common war persist, if we hold still we’re gonna be a target market and people still don’t eat every day through no choice of their own. In short - there’s work to do, all kinds, do the work. Our sincerest and most humble offering, is this site, this space you help make. This, with the knowledge that counting on results may lead to all sorts of dillusions. Dillusions so rapt that they take on disguises of numbers. Seek community. Look for the affects.

     The very young and very able eyed Stacey Podiak was slated for our feature in November, however, due to some technical difficulties in the studio, time got away. Stacey, a mere 18 years old sings about war with fresh eyes. Despite what may have been mistaken as editorial vanity, we had hoped it would be clear, especially in the fevor of the election season whatever promise of resolutions, there is still serious work that needs be done. It would be understood that the world through new eyes never brings finished pictures. The world with fresh eyes brings the pictures we’ve seen, but in their insistance, are assumed to have faded when nothing could be further from the truth. Stacey won’t be neglected here. Look for two tracks from her in a special double feature in February 2005.

     Forward --- look here and via e-mail newsletter each month for HYPERTEXT, the easy way to be a moral relativist, but of course, we pic the picks. Look to Cincinnati, for Mark Flanigan leaving main street while the city arts community moves towards another mass exodus in the new column, Exiled From Main Street. Look for radio pioneer and poet Paul Nelson to bring the best of the left(coast) literary scene with exclusive interviews, essays on modern poetry and writers making strides in the Pacific Northwest. Forward, look for the unexpected opportunity to do without guarantee, but with measure. Forward, look for us, we’ll be around.

Lance Oditt
editor at semantikon dot com